Currently …. March


Thinking…. About about how nice it is to not have to bundle up before leaving the house.

Feeling… Sore. From yoga and not just in my thigh because the temperature changed too rapidly!

Excited…. That I have so much girlfriend time planned in the next few weeks.

Dreading… Doing my laundry. Seriously my least favorite chore period.

Reading… Everything I can get my hands on. I am seriously reconnecting with the bookworm of a child I was. I’ve also replaced most if my personal laptop time with kindle time because 1) I sit in front of a computer all day and 2) my laptop is on the fritz and I really don’t want to put any more money into it.

Listening… Still a lot of wyep. And npr. On one hand I’m still in a bit of a rut. On the other- I keep hearing songs and news stories in the car that are so captivating I’ll sit in the car after I’ve gotten somewhere so I can finish listening to them.

Music recommendations welcome! Especially anything good to hoop to!


Watching… Suits! Almost through the second season. And both once upon a time series with my friend and fellow once upon a time addict, Annie.

Drinking… Lavender tea (Calm in a cup), Toasted almost french pressed coffee (mmm Presto George), and sooo much water

Eating… Tacos! Seriously gonna turn into one this week (I think I’ve had tacos for 6 meals this week…. Yeah). And ramping up my veggie consumption because, well, veggies makes me feel good đŸ™‚

Wishing for… A massage! And all the books on my goodreads list.

Loving… Tea dates & scheming with Eva, free (and excellent) yoga podcasts & Yoga To The People’s mantra, using coconut oil instead of hair spray, finally being un-sick of eating hummus (thank you Stamoolis Brothers/ Alyssa for curing me!)



What have you been up to??