Quote Sunday: Amongst the Trees

I was going through my “Inspiration” board today trying to find something doodle and rediscovered a bunch of quotes I pinned ages ago.


What are your favorite nature quotes??


Quote Sunday: Nick Hornby

On the subject of keeping in touch…


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“Keeping in touch with the things that help us feel alive – music, books, movies, even the theatre, if, mysteriously, you are that way inclined – becomes a battle, and one that many of us lose, as we get older; I don’t think enough of our cultural pundits, people who write about that stuff for a living, fully understand this.” – Nick Hornby

Quote Sunday: Dreams

Feeling inspired this week 🙂

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure every will”

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“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy” –Lucille Ball

Taken by my talented friend Nick


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What quotes have inspired you recently?!

Quote Sunday: Change

Happy sunny Sunday!

“All change is preceded by crisis” – Steve Anderson



I’ve been on a bit of a John Greene kick lately. I just finished Looking for Alaska (after it had been on my to-read list for literally years) & absolutely adored it. This quote was one of my favorites:

“Everything that comes together falls apart” – John Greene



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So, anyone else in love with John Greene novels?

Quote Sunday: Magic

I am a connoisseur of brilliant quotes & I kind of like to share them.

I also like to share pin’s (are we friends on Pinterest, yet?!).

These week’s theme is magic- it’s a constant goal of mine to find it in the everyday. With the snow falling outside I thought it was appropriate.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

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“Magic, mystery, fun, and passion don’t just hang about. They are a byproduct of the effort you put into life.” – Gala Darling

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