Picture it: Life lately

Last weekend I went to visit my hometown. It was a perfect little vacation. Every time I make the trip I’m reminded that it is something I absolutely need to do more often. There is nothing more grounding than connecting with people you’ve know for over half your life.

However- I was behind on day to day things before I left. And when I came back I threw myself into social obligations whist feeling generally terrible from a lack of sleep among other things. Ooof. Resulting in me feeling way behind on errands, cleaning, and life in general.

Will my pea coat ever make it to the dry cleaner? The world may never know.

All this is to say that lots if stuff has been going on in and around the Abbott house, but not too many posts are being written about it.

But here’s one! I’ll try to catch you up. Look out for more crunchy living, quote, gratitude, vegan pizza, and hooping posts soon!

So….Have I mentioned this yet? I bought a car! And yes, I am madly in love. Sound system + good gas mileage + heated seats makes for a very happy girl.


Mildly obsessed with local/ non factory produced cheese. I created a monster when I wrote that post about why I’m a vegetarian .


It’s been raining. A lot. New car also has better windshield wipers, so that’s cool.


Happy things on rainy days:


Rain = animal cuddles. I tell Kyle at least once a day that I am grateful that out animals our cuddlebugs.


Our little Chili Clemintine is getting bigger! Godiva still hates her. And hates me when I pay any attention to the kitten. I was all upset about Godiva being mean to me last night and five minutes later so comes into the bedroom wanting pets. So maybe there’s been a little improvement.


My first set of hoop supplies came in the mail! And as soon as I opened it I realized I have no idea what I’m doing- but that’s ok because the supply company is awesome! (Any hoopers out there with tips for me??)



A little oasis among city buildings.



And eats! I’ve been a little bored with food in general lately (which is rather bizarre for me). I have been (successfully) experimenting with vegan pizza, though. More to come on that. This was a particularly good batch.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Picture it: a very special tea party

On Easter weekend my brilliant friend Eva hosted a tea party to celebrate spring. She went all out (& I helped!). We may need to make this an annual thing.

I ❤ construction paper.



Flow toys + ballet flats


Easter egg hunt!


A guitar is required for every gathering.


Tea station/ Food station




And finally…. The food! We had so much food.

M&M cookie sandwich &
Cookie butter m&m blossoms (like peanut butter blossoms but better) & Maple Caramel Macadamia Blondies

2014-04-19 16.35.08 2014-04-19 17.11.58 2014-04-19 17.06.32


Pao De Quejo (Brazilian cheese bread, plus coconut water equals the best hangover cure EVER).

2014-04-19 16.34.39 2014-04-19 17.06.40 2014-04-19 17.06.55

Cheese plate/ peanut butter sriracha tofu. I have never seen Kyle enjoy tofu so much (dear Eva, I need that recipe)



And last, but not least, the most tea party- ish food: mini sammies! Lemon curd plus blueberry/ goat cheese walnut cranberry/ tomato basil bread with hummus and veggies


A hella fun and delicious weekend!

Have you been to any fun themed parties lately?

Picture This (4/18/14)

Happy Friday, folks!

It’s been a pretty wonderful week in Pittsburgh (minus the snow on Tuesday- uh what the eff?) & the sunshine has put me in a pretty wonderful mood. Flowers and green buds are popping up everywhere and goddamn do we deserve some nice weather.




It’s salad season! Which in my mind is mid April through September. In the winter not so much- my food has to be warm because I’m cold. Always. But in summertime the crispness and freshness and overall deliciousness (too many -ness’s but you get the point) are just perfect.

I made big batches this brussel sprout salad and a variation of this “reset button” salad.



Warm weather also means the return of sidewalk chalk! Apparently it’s popular in the strip? We really need to break ours out. I need to hopscotch now that I’m allowed (so last year when that doc lied and said my bone was mostly healed? He said I could do most things except run and play hopscotch- not kidding).


This one has been on a cement wall for ages (I kept forgetting to take a pic) and it looks just like a cartoon the lovely Molly used to draw all the time in middle school!


Now if you excuse me I’m off celebrate a successful day of work & this amazing thing called spring! I’ll be celebrating with Friday night baking, possibly probably wine, and a very special tea party at Eva’s tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Picture This (3/21/2014)

Molly’s birthday is here!!!!

I’m super excited because I get to spend all weekend with the birthday girl and our good friend Mike. The three of have been been friends since 7th grade. We went to middle school and high school together but not college, and now we all live in different cities. Somehow still not sick of each other after all that = amazing friends.

Happy Birthday Molly!!!!



But before I go off and spend the weekend with these guys, I’ll leave you with some pictures!

Walked down the river last week when it was nice out. I can’t wait for this view when there are leaves on the trees.

2014-03-14 11.56.42

Only in Pittsburgh.

2014-03-14 19.08.47

Concert at Mr. Smalls.The bands were pretty lame, but the people watching was awesome.

2014-03-14 20.13.16

Old school elevator in my friend’s apartment building. It even still has the seat for the operator.

2014-03-15 11.18.15

Moon out on my way to work.

2014-03-18 07.25.22

The brown part makes me think of construction paper.

2014-03-18 12.31.44

Steel Building/ beautiful sky

2014-03-18 16.28.15

Favorite mural in the strip.

2014-03-18 18.07.46

I walk past this every day.

2014-03-18 18.17.49

This made me laugh. Seems legit.

2014-03-18 18.22.41

Beautiful Clouds

2014-03-19 07.20.56

Every time I walk past this I think of Roller-coaster tycoon.

2014-03-19 11.47.29


Have a wonderful weekend!

Picture This (3/14/2014)

It was one of those weeks where Sunday night all I wanted to do was fastforward to Friday afternoon. But all things considered, the week went pretty quickly. Pretending it was summer on Tuesday really helped. I hiked and hooped so hard I was sore all over on Wednesday and it was beautiful.

Shots from the week…

Godiva sunbathed while I made perfect scrambled tofu.

2014-03-08 10.04.22

We went to the Carnegie Science Center for a laser show. We witnessed a marriage proposal on the laser screen!

2014-03-08 16.44.45

Out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, Nicki’s Thai Kitchen. I couldn’t get get the adorable carrot flowers.

2014-03-08 18.55.47

Favorite liquor of all time (we call it Pig Butt- can you guess why??)

2014-03-08 22.58.00

This is the third Free Little Library I’ve found in our neighborhood. Reason #675 I love this place.

2014-03-09 09.53.52

Vegan breakfast plate at Biddle’s escape. Breakfast potatoes/ apples with syrup/ scrambled tofu/ vegan coffee cake/ coffee with soy milk

2014-03-09 10.06.23

Soymilk in coffee looks like curdling but I love watching it. Anyone know why? (b/c I legit have no idea)

2014-03-09 10.19.06

Minimalist Baker brownies. Gluten free, vegan and probably one of the best recipes I’ve ever made- HECK YES.

2014-03-09 20.01.53

I walk past this store every day- they have the best mural (the entire covers two floors and two walls of the store’s exterior).

2014-03-10 16.01.06

So many gorgeous skies this week.

2014-03-10 16.01.44

2014-03-11 07.27.21

2014-03-11 11.42.54


2014-03-11 12.11.18

Can’t get anything done in this house. She climbed into my tee shirt drawer as I was putting clothes away.2014-03-11 19.57.22

Scutterbotch (Cam’s gecko) came out to play! Kind of…

2014-03-12 20.21.47

Did I mention it was a good food week? First traditional pizza I’ve made/ eaten in…. a while (I found a block of goat cheese at the co-op to keep stomach happy).

2014-03-12 20.24.12-1

I got a fortune with my tea (yogi honey lavender – perfect for this random cold weather).

2014-03-13 13.12.21


Have a wonderful weekend!

Picture This (3/8/2014)

It feels so good to be writing dates that start with 3.

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of March. Something bad of varying degrees happens to me during March every year, without fail. For example, last year I broke my leg. But for now I’m choosing to believe that my injury warrants me a few years of good karma. This year March will be awesome because I fucking deserve it.

Anyways… this week was fun. My lunchtime walk on Friday made me downright giddy just because it was 45 and sunny. We fit in a dinner date on Monday and, as always, there were lots of puppy cuddles.

Going out/ Doodle bomb/ #selfie

2014-03-07 08.43.45

Rascal would never leave this window if he didn’t have to eat/ chew on shit.

2014-03-07 08.45.17

Mmmm cake. It was super fun to make (& dairy free!!).

2014-03-07 08.52.32

Beautiful day on Abbott Street.

photo (1)

Foamy beer.

2014-03-07 09.10.55

Umbrella straws! Aka: how to make your drink taste like summer

2014-03-01 22.19.02

Alyssa’s fancy drink/ best seat at Harris Grill

2014-03-03 19.49.36

Warm enough for my favorite discount produce shop to put produce outside

2014-03-05 12.00.18

Treating myself because: Monday (so delicious!)

2014-03-07 09.13.38

Tucking Rascal in under the covers in becoming my new favorite thing.

2014-03-07 09.16.11

I never noticed this before. Wholey’s is a Pittsburgh-famous store in the strip. And yes, it’s pronounced “Holy”

2014-03-07 12.04.43

Doodling at work- I clearly have summer on the brain

2014-03-07 15.02.49

“We Don’t Go To The Office/ We Build It”

2014-03-03 12.38.33

Blinding sun on the wet sidewalk (I will take this over clouds!)

2014-03-07 09.12.54

Sidewalk Advice

2014-03-07 09.15.08

Picture This (3/1/2014)

Playing a little bit of catch up here, but that’s ok.

I’m actually surprised I had so many pictures- I take a lot of these while walking (‘cause I walk… a lot), but since winter reared its ugly head again last week I couldn’t quite bring myself to take my gloves off outside…

Kyle & I grabbed some delicious burgers after our massage on Valentine’s day.

2014-02-15 15.24.042014-02-15 15.24.20

We left to house one morning to blue skies. Less than an hour in Sam’s Club later…

2014-02-16 12.09.36

Happy bumper sticker

2014-02-18 17.06.32

I got so much mail this week! Two letters and a recipe from mom. Obviously, she didn’t want Mr. Smilie to get cold


2014-02-20 19.19.17

Kyle & I went to the Carnegie Science Center’s 21+ night last Friday. I was having flashbacks to high school field trips to the Franklin Institute the whole time.

Space toilet:

2014-02-21 19.32.31

Bike riding:

2014-02-21 19.26.36

Digging! Omg, guys do you remember these?! Ryan and I were super excited, Eva and Kyle had no idea why.

2014-02-21 20.37.05

Possibly the coolest train model I’ve ever seen. And I loved that it’s modeled on Pittsburgh throughout the ages (there was even a model of Forbes Field!).

2014-02-21 20.01.52

Rascal & I got out of the house on Saturday. We found a pretty sweet bench

2014-02-22 11.19.18

And a clever pest control company

2014-02-22 11.25.02

Craft night! Our friend Mark, hard at work

2014-02-22 23.16.20

Probably the best piece to come out of that night- free handed by our friend Devon.

2014-02-23 00.01.19

We are rather belligerent.


2014-02-22 23.57.082014-02-23 02.20.06

The weekend is for baking! My friend Sophia and I made an Almond Amaretto Cake. The recipe came from copy of Booze Cakes (which I’m kicking myself for not using more before now). It looks messy as hell, but it tasted amazing! (thanks for the pic, Sophia!)

2014-02-23 18.21.27

Lastly, hanging out with this cutie. She’s turning into a cuddlebug these days & I love it.

2014-02-22 09.35.31


We’re cleaning and putting up artwork at the Abbott House today. I’ll have to put up a picture of the “art wall” in our living room- it’s coming together very nicely.

I’ve also been trying to switch to green/ homemade cleaning supplies over the last few months. So far I’m finding that not only are they just a effective- they’re a whole lot cheaper! I’m hoping to do a series on it eventually- because honestly I think everyone can benefit.


Talk to us!

What are you up to this weekend?!