It’s downright dreary in the ‘burgh today. The project I’m doing at work is driving me a bit bonkers. Honesty I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week. It happens. My back aches and I’m real sick of my leg warning me every time we’re gonna get a storm.


Happy Things:

Birthday Scheming I’ve been going back and forth about what to do this year for a while. I think I have finally settled on taking a hoop workshop the day before, taking the day off from work, and getting a massage. I’m going to be so blessed out.

Running Water If we’re friends on Facebook you know a water main on our street broke yesterday. All of a sudden I realized how much having running water rocks!

The Graceling Series This was the most recent YA series to totally suck me in. These books really had the effect of making me feel like I knew the characters personally.

Kyle For many reasons, but most recently for getting me razors at 10pm because I forgot and it’s been too hot for pants/ I refuse to wear them in the summer.

The Unity of the Hula Hoopers fb Group Eva introduced me to this group and I cannot thank her enough. So much hoop inspiration.


CSA veggies I really can’t even describe the difference in taste. And I’m not convinced I’m paying much more. I didn’t think it was possible to consume so many veggies and I love it.

Chocolate I mean, I am a self identified chocoholic, but lately it’s been making everything better. From crappy moods to my morning oatmeal.

Having a CD player again (albeit in my car) If I’m listening to music, it’s mostly likely Pandora or WYEP. Which are both awesome! But there’s something about listening to a cd start to finish. I may need to buy an old boom box.

My goofy, sassy, crazy cat She’s been really into laying in the middle of the floor (or in rascal’s crate) on her back lately. Also this morning she knocked Chili over with her paw and I giggled so hard.


What are you grateful for?


Favorite Things… It’s been too long :)

Hey Friends!

Thought I forgot about gratitude posts, didn’t you?

I promise I have not! I write one every day in a journal on my phone. Honestly, the reason I haven’t been posting as much is because I have a lot of trouble willing myself to turn my computer on after work since I stare at a computer screen all day.

I’m working on it. Anyhow, these have been my favorite things going on lately.

1. Eighty something temp’s we had last week
I have no doubt I would thrive in Florida.

2. The East End Co-op
I really need to suck it up and get a membership because I can’t get enough of this place. Annie and I spent waaaay too much time and money in there last week and I don’t regret it at all.

3. No-poo shampoo
I quit traditional shampoo/conditioner/ hair products three weeks ago. So far I am not regretting it in the slightest. More to come on this.

4. Barley and Peanut Sauce
Holy hell why have not being using barley before? It may be he most filling grain ever.
Also, remember that peanut butter sriracha saucefrom the tea party? Well I finally got the recipe from Eva! I have had it on every non-breakfast meal last week. And I might make more this week.

5. Hooping hooping hooping
Can’t stop won’t stop. But like, more than usual.

6. Leg Workouts
Who am I? Um I love sore muscles because it’s like my body is congratulating me for kicking some ass the day before. Also, I’ve had random pain in my knee which the doc said is probably because my right leg still doesn’t know what’s up (the body is not meant to endure 8ish months of crutches, just saying). Can we also talk about how wall sits are way more fun while simultaneously petting this face?


7.Mad Men
Last week’s episode was so freaking good (though nipples are freaking me out now in a way I couldn’t have predicted…). Except for Peggy. My heart is breaking for Peggy more than usual this season.

8. Lavender
I seriously considered buying an $11 bottle of lavender lotion at the co op last week. I had a lavender iced coffee from my new favorite coffee joint in the strip and it made the weird day I was having a whole lot better. And Kyle and I may be buying a lavender plant soon…

9. Summer plotting!
I took a trip back home last weekend and got so caught up summer adventure planning. I’ve been spending summer with some of those friends for almost a decade, and look forward to it every single year. And I am itching to get out and about as much as possible.


11. Snapchatting with my sister
Seriously, snapchat is a way better method of keeping in touch than I could have guessed. Also, this picture was not a snapchat but I’m so glad Aly has my back.


Favorite things… Pretending it’s summer


This past week has rocked.

There were a lot of reasons why but they boil down to two categories: the incredible (and fun!) people in my life, and temperatures over 70 degrees.

I’m grateful for:
– getting to enjoy two+ hours of eating, drinking, and laughing at a unique and delicious restaurant
– first bubble tea of the year
-getting to visiting a quiet parklet to hoop my heart out with Eva
– giving hooping lessons at 2am to strangers
– the perfect everything bagel sandwich (though not for the hangover that required it…)
– dress and flat weather
– Looney Tunes. Particularly the Pittsburgh Orchestra version, and particularly when seeing it with someone who appreciates it as much as me
– barefootedness
– reading on the porch, in my dress and barefeet, with no one where else to be
– Kyle: for cuddles, mad men discussions, and calling me on my bullshit 🙂





Zoo Diaries: Rascal’s Favorite Things

One of our regular installments is Dana’s “Favorite Things” posts. Since she hasn’t written one of those in a while, we asked Rascal to compile his own gratitude list.



Drastic reductions in crate time, boredom, and envy of the free-roaming cats. Drastic increases in time spent outside, time spent with humans, and treats. Also, I get to sleep in the bed.


They’re fun to chase, and occasionally to snuggle with. But mostly chase.


This is the best toy ever.


Wait, no, this is.



Hiding Stuff Under the Bed

Toys, garbage, shoes…pretty much anything the humans leave on the floor. They still do not seem to grasp the concept of ownership – namely, that anything on the floor belongs to me. Possession is nine-tenths.

Telling Strangers That I Am a Dog


What are you grateful for this week?


Favorite Things

Oy. What a weird week. It’s cold and then warm and then freaking cold. Scraping snow and ice off my car during the last week of March? So not ok. Heat crapping out on my way to work? No thank you.

I’m simultaneously pissed off that it’s cold and inspired that it won’t be soon.

Anyhow, trying my best to be grateful this week and not let the weather/ work put me in a funk (seriously, where’s my spring break?).

I am most grateful for….

My amazing friends coming to visit me last weekend. We have been friends for half our lives and I love, love, love that some things don’t change.



I am grateful that I have time to doodle- with friends, with music, amongst Star Trek & chess.




And lastly I am grateful for Rascal (even when he’s joyfully eating a shoe). Because he makes it so hard to be upset after a bad day. Because he insists on laying on me/ nestled against me when he’s sleeping.

20140326-101126.jpg(And yes, for the record he plopped himself there).

What’s keeping you out of a funk this week?

Favorite Things


For LED poi, warm enough weather to hoop my heart out, and people to do it with.
That slipping on ice with two working legs is way less scary (and way less damaging) than slipping ice on crutches/ with one broken leg
That I get to live in such a beautiful and unique neighborhood
For local, vegan friendly brunches (specifically the one at Biddle’s Escape).
For spending time with old friends


That some things don’t change
For laser shows at the Carnegie Science Center (& that I got to see my first – and maybe only – laser show proposal)
For Rascal’s love and excitement. And that to catch him when he escapes I only need to crouch, open my arms, and shout his name in a high pitched voice


It’s been a good week.


What are you grateful for this week?

These are a few of my favorite things… Outdoor Hooping

Warm weather = NOT hooping in the house. And let me tell you, that is something to be thankful for. I mean it’s great having the option to hooping inside, but 1) it’s extraordinarily limiting and 2) one day I might actually break something.

One on the other hand, hooping outside sometimes also means battling with trees…

Unedited Joy. Mistakes Included 🙂