March Goals


February went by waaaay faster than January. Which, to be honest, is totally fine by me. I know I shouldn’t be wishing for time to pass quickly and living in the moment or whatever, but I’ve had it with winter. If it wasn’t for the amazing people I’m surrounded by in Pittsburgh (#cornyfriendsshoutout), I’d be kicking myself for not moving south to start my career.

As I sat down to write the first draft if this post I thought I was really on top of things. Then I realized March was starting in just a few days.

2014-02-16 12.09.36

Back to the goals thing. Remember way back at the end of January when we made goals for February? We’re going to let you know how we do (who loves accountability?!) & then write about what we’re hoping to accomplish this month. Get hype.

I think I “half-accomplished” literally every goal that I made. & to be honest I’m pretty happy with that

  • I didn’t make it to the gym at all! But I averaged > 10k steps for the month and stuck to my push-ups! I’m up to 4 sets of 20 wall push-ups (considering I started at 3 sets of 10, this is significant).
  • I didn’t do a good job of curbing my sweet tooth- but I was was a lot more mindful of the sweets I was eating which made them all more enjoyable.
  • I’ve only missed one day of oil pulling in the last few weeks! Not if sure I can tell a difference or not though. I haven’t tried the apple cider vinegar toner because I  have forgotten to pick up unfiltered/ raw ACV every. single. time. I’ve gone shopping this month.

March Goals!

1. Eliminate lactose!
As most of you know, I’m lactose intolerant. It’s super fun (why don’t we have a sarcasm font yet?), and the pills don’t really work. One of the big reasons I’m a vegetarian is actually for environmental reasons- and cows and cheese are some if the worst offenders. I’m gonna continue to eat lactose free products/ goat cheese because honestly, going cold turkey no dairy is hard and I don’t want want to set myself up for failure.

2. Continue push-ups and get my butt to yoga. Honestly: I hate the gym. I really tried to make it work, but working out for the sake of working out has NEVER been my thing. So I’m going to stop fighting to and start looking for other things that work.

3. Track my spending. Kyle inspired me to try this out. I think it might be good to see where my money is going & make sure there’s no obvious place for me to be cutting back.


I have to disagree with Dana – February dragged on forever for me. I imagine this never-ending Ice Age had something to do with it this time around, as did the fact that it’s the busiest time of year for my office, but despite being the shortest month of the year, February almost always feels interminable.

Anyway, in that time, here’s how I did with my goals.

  • I successfully tracked every dollar I spent during the month. There weren’t really any surprises and my usual estimates proved to be fairly accurate, but I plan to continue keeping a spending log anyway. One month’s kind of a small sample. The food log didn’t really materialize, but I feel like I’ve been eating better lately anyway.
  • Got nowhere with writing a short story, but I feel better about that than I probably should because…
  • I knocked my music goal out of the park. The original mission was to learn a new song from start to finish on the keyboard, and I ended up learning two, plus successfully adding the vocals to both.

March Goals

1. Get a minimum of three hours of exercise each week. The shitty weather really puts a damper on my efforts to get moving, but with spring a few weeks away, hopefully that will become less of an issue. Whether it’s walking Rascal, hitting the heavy bag, or finding a partner for racquetball, I’ve got options.

2. Rededicate myself to the guitar. As much as I’ve been enjoying the keyboard and as pleased as I am with my progress, it’s come at the expense of the time I would usually spend playing guitar. Mark and I had a productive jam session the other night that served as a reminder to quit neglecting that instrument. We’re putting together a list of covers we’d like to play at Ledges, so if #glowtribe has any requests, let us know.

3. Post more often. Dana’s been doing the bulk of the work here. I’ve gotten positive feedback on what little I have contributed, but I ought to be producing more than one post a week.


February Goals

I’m always on the fence with how I feel about New Years Resolutions. They’ve always seemed a bit hokey and abstract and intimidating. Monthly goals on the other hand are much easier to work with. Also- promising to do something for a month makes a lot easier to build up momentum for long term goals.

Kyle and I are both making goals for this month. And to share the practice and keep ourselves accountable, we’re posting them out in the big bad internet. Here goes.


1. Get my butt to the gym 2x/ week and continue working on push-up’s

I’ve been making it the gym once a week and walking outside a lot, but since I’m still not quite up to running gym equipment is required to really get my blood pumping.

As for the push-up’s – well this is embarrassing but I’ve never been able to do them! I know I just bitched about New Year’s resolutions so let’s say my “long term goal” to be able to do them the of 2014.

2. Eat more fruit and unprocessed sweets
I have always had a huuuuge sweet tooth- but I’m not about berating myself for it. Instead of focusing on cutting sweets, I just want to eat more real desserts (like frozen blueberries & homemade reece’s cups)

3. Try oil pulling & apple cider vinegar toner
This goes along with the “use fewer chemicals” mantra I’ve been applying lately. I will report back on how well these both work.


1. Track my spending and eating habits.

I’ve always been pretty good about managing my finances, but I’ve never actually kept a log of how much I spend every day. I’m curious to see whether I can improve in any specific area. It’s kind of the same story with food; I want to make sure that my intake estimates are accurate, and that I’m not overindulging often.

2. Learn to play at least one song from start to finish on the keyboard.

I’ve been making an effort to spend a lot more time playing keyboard lately, and I’m happy to report that I do feel like I’m progressing in terms of skill level. However, I do have a tendency to fall back on my repertoire of already-learned pieces or just start goofing off when I run into trouble with a new song.

3. Write at least one complete short story.

This is something I haven’t done in a really long time. One of the upsides to having suffered through a depressive episode is that I’m much more appreciative of when an idea excites me. So I’m less likely to let them fall by the wayside – in theory, anyway.