Back to Sitting

I’m not good at sitting.

I can sort of handle it in the office. When I’m busy. But I still require at 30 minutes of walking at lunch. When I work from home I have to get up and poi or hoop for a minute every hour. Unfortunately, this last week both my back and leg have had me spending lots of time of the couch – not cool.

Let’s backtrack:

Last weekend Kyle and went to an indoor trampoline park called Sky Zone. It’s pretty much as awesome as it sounds – trampoline covered floors and walls, a foam pit to jump into, basketball nets, etc. I had been wanted to check out a place like this since before I broke my leg. And despite us going on a Saturday while the place was full and kids having birthday parties, it was awesome. I didn’t dunk a basket. I didn’t do an flips, but I got my fill of trampolines and loved every (exhausting) second of it.


But as we walked out, my leg felt funny. Not like, “F*ck it’s broken,” just kinda funny. I forgot the next day (typical) and took a 3ish mile hike with Kyle and Rascal and it felt a little funnier. So I laid off the activity (by which I mean, I worked on foot hooping because it’s non weight bearing). I was still worried as the week started so I called my ortho office. And because they rock they called me back 45 minutes later and the doc said some tendons had probably rubbed against the plate wrong as I was probably fine.

As I’m continuing this “not moving” thing, nervously hoping my leg discomfort goes the f*ck away, my back starts up. Um, what? What started as a “Wow, I slept weird” pain turned in a “Sit on the bed with the heating pad and don’t twist at all” pain.

I’m becoming a veteran of random pains and potential injuries.

And simultaneously getting (a little) better at “not overdoing it.”

The trick, of course, is keeping myself occupied and comfortable. Easier said that done. But for once I was able to go into “resting” with a game plan (unlike when I was on crutches and pretty much panicked when they said, “Crutches now!”).

How to “Take it Easy” when you really don’t wanna:

One: Take a moment to worry and work out the worst case scenario. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I know I feel better after giving myself a moment to freak out. Once it’s out of my system, I tell myself I CAN handle the worst case scenario. And move on.

Two: Get Cozy. This time around this included propping myself up with lots of pillows with my heating pad and borrowed TENS machine nearby. It also meant being patient in prepping meals for myself. The process took a little longer, but was absolutely wort it. French pressed coffee and ground cherry coffee cake:


Three: Get Amused. Make mental list of of things you can still do! Believe or not, there are a lot. I can blog! I can organize recipes (that’s not a weird thing to enjoy, right? :P), I can catch up on all the Boardwalk Empire I can handle.

Four: If you can, stretch! This is something I absolutely did not do when I was on crutches and I really regret it. I became so disconnected my body and just stiff overall. Since my back started hurting I’ve been keeping it simple with bow pose, child’s pose, very slow forward bends, and lots of cat/cow. I’ve also been “foam rolling” with a tennis ball.

On the hole my back is much better, though still not where it should be. And my leg is still making me hella nervous (but it always does – crutches are a real fear, folks). Hopefully I won’t be sticking to this plan much longer. But if I have to, I’ll be alright. And knowing that makes all the difference.


Summer 2014

2014-07-11 20.38.30

Well hello there folks.

I can’t believe it is September already. Though I am pretty sure I say that every year when September rolls around. Oh, well. On the bright side pumpkin spiced coffee is out and the air is beginning to smell distinctly like fall (anyone else notice that?) so things could be worse. If summer has to fade. at least it fades into fall.


We had quite a few adventures here on Abbott Street this summer. Including, but not limited to:
-my first adventure with a weekly CSA box (many, many recipes to come)
-camping trips to Nelson’s Ledges and Summersville, WV
-countless late night flow jams (that drew quite some attention from the bar patrons next door)
2014-09-14 12.08.25
-an impressive increase in puppy training after Rascal ate a whole pack of sugarfree gum (Spoilers: xylitol is a main ingredient and crazy poisonous to dogs! Rascal was perfectly ok thanks to our resident Cam-bulence)
-traded out roommate ben for roommate rob, everyone say “hiiii rob”
-traded out kitten Chili for Godiva and Cinnamon’s brother, Shrek (surprise! he looks just like them)
-spent a weekend in Atlantic City and spent more money on food than drinks and gambling
-welcomed the beautiful baby Opal Therese to the world, daughter of roommate Ben and his lovely wife Annie

And when I started that list I was sitting here thinking that very little had happened in the last few months…


So what is to become of this space?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve been having trouble making up my mind with a lot of things lately so I’m going to try to keep it simple. Ideally:
-Restaurant reviews: because Kyle likes writing them and we love food probably too much
-Recipes: Because chopping veggies is my happy place
-Gratitude: Because it’s all about the little things.
-Simplicity: Because it’s something I’ve been striving for

Anything you’d like to see more of??

Things I know to be true.

Taken from Sarah Kay and Suzanne Collins (“Real, or not real?”)

2014-04-03 17.00.39

1. Inspiration is everywhere.

2. Taking time to play is SO important.

3. Eighty three degrees is the perfect temperature because a sundress with flip flops is the perfect outfit.

4. Lattes make excellent treats, coffee makes for excellent motivation to get out of bed, and tea should be indulged in as often as possible.


5. The quickest way to get perspective is to make a gratitude list.

6. I often get an author’s voice (spoken or written) stuck in my head.

7. Living with animals has made a bigger impact in my life than I ever could have imagined. The constant scooping of the litter box and cleaning up dog puke at 3 am is a small price to pay for unconditional love and companionship.

8. A long walk always clears the cobwebs. Until bedtime, anyway.

2014-04-07 20.44.18

9. I would rather eat vegan food than non vegan food. I still cave to my cravings but I’m working in it.

10. I live a blessed life, even if I forget it sometimes.


What do you know to be true?

Just checking in

Hey there!

Life’s gotten in the way of the blog a bit this week (and by that I mean I haven’t folded the clothes I washed on Saturday yet). We’ve been a bit busy, but the good kind of busy!

Pirates Game Craziness

So what has been going on here?

– I have a ton of posts on the works about everything from green cleaning to crutches to why I’m a vegetarian almost ready to go.

– Thanks to Facebook, I’m officially terrified to watch the How I Met Your Mother series finale. Though I suppose it can’t be worse than the Dexter series finale.


– Kyle is playing racquetball today for the time in years and is real excited about it. But I don’t think his excitement touches what Rascal’s was last night when Kyle have him his very own racquetball to play with.

– The Divergent movie was phenomenal! One of the best book to movie portrayals I’ve ever seen. I fully plan on rereading the book after I finish…

Call The Midwife. Uh silly me had no idea the mini series on Netflix was based on the book. The book has so much more detail about life in Britain in the early to mid-1900’s. Also it was $2 on the kindle- go buy it!


– I went to a sleepover on Saturday night and we made s’more popcorn, drank tequila, and watched a chick flick. Why did we stop having sleepovers?!

– Tonight will be filled with Thai Quinoa Chili, Once Upon a Time watching with Annie, and maybe blog post writing. I’m not promising Rascal won’t distract me.


-This face has been the only thing getting me up in the morning. When she doesn’t sleep in our bedroom the snooze is just too damn easy to keep hitting

Favorite book to movie rendition… Go!