BarkBox vs. PetBox: A Comparison

Earlier this year, I came across a Groupon for something called BarkBox. I’d never heard of it before, but after reading the description, I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to get for Rascal. I had wanted the three-month subscription, but that was sold out; I settled for the six-month. Thanks to a promo code, I got 20% off the Groupon, ultimately plunking down $64. I got an additional two months for free as well. Normally, referrals get you one free box, but BarkBox ran a promotion in late spring where they doubled that incentive. So, for those scoring at home, that means I paid about 40% of the normal price. Not too shabby.

A couple of months ago, there was a Groupon for another subscription service PetBox. Dana decided to get this one, paying $60 for the six-month option. We’ve been happy with both companies thus far, and each offers its own unique strengths, but we definitely don’t need both, and eventually will have to choose between them.

Well, actually, the choice has already been made. Want to know why? Keep reading… Continue reading