Ground Cherry Cake

I’ve gotten a lot of weird things in my CSA box this summer. Mostly good weird. Watermelon radishes, kolkrabi, romanesco… the list goes on. This past week’s week veggie was this thing called ground cherries.groundcherryhusk groundcherryI think of them as a cross between a tomatillio, a cherry tomato, and a berry. They taste as weird as they sound, but in a good way…I think. Ground cherry coffee cake came up in the first results of my recipe search. I haven’t done nearly enough baking with produce this summer so I figured I’d jump on it.

It’s a pretty basic coffee cake recipe, complete with crunchy topping. There aren’t any weird ingredients besides the ground cherries. Butter is cut into the flour sugar mixture as it is in scones and biscuits. The ground cherries require no prep besides washing – you just plop them on top of the cake batter and then cover them with the crunchy topping mixture.

The cake was a big hit here on Abbott Street. We had a bunch of friends stop by as it was coming out of the oven. We all proceeded to crowd in the kitchen, eating slices from pan to paper towel to mouth.


2014-09-21 09.59.29

Original Recipe from The Kitchn

I halved it since I didn’t have a whole lot of ground cherries. This allows the cake to fit in a 8 X 4 bread pan. I used an almond milk/ apple cider vinegar mix for the buttermilk, and replaced the chopped pecan pieces with pepitas and almonds.

Enjoy! This recipe will make your house smell like snickerdoodles!


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