It’s downright dreary in the ‘burgh today. The project I’m doing at work is driving me a bit bonkers. Honesty I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week. It happens. My back aches and I’m real sick of my leg warning me every time we’re gonna get a storm.


Happy Things:

Birthday Scheming I’ve been going back and forth about what to do this year for a while. I think I have finally settled on taking a hoop workshop the day before, taking the day off from work, and getting a massage. I’m going to be so blessed out.

Running Water If we’re friends on Facebook you know a water main on our street broke yesterday. All of a sudden I realized how much having running water rocks!

The Graceling Series This was the most recent YA series to totally suck me in. These books really had the effect of making me feel like I knew the characters personally.

Kyle For many reasons, but most recently for getting me razors at 10pm because I forgot and it’s been too hot for pants/ I refuse to wear them in the summer.

The Unity of the Hula Hoopers fb Group Eva introduced me to this group and I cannot thank her enough. So much hoop inspiration.


CSA veggies I really can’t even describe the difference in taste. And I’m not convinced I’m paying much more. I didn’t think it was possible to consume so many veggies and I love it.

Chocolate I mean, I am a self identified chocoholic, but lately it’s been making everything better. From crappy moods to my morning oatmeal.

Having a CD player again (albeit in my car) If I’m listening to music, it’s mostly likely Pandora or WYEP. Which are both awesome! But there’s something about listening to a cd start to finish. I may need to buy an old boom box.

My goofy, sassy, crazy cat She’s been really into laying in the middle of the floor (or in rascal’s crate) on her back lately. Also this morning she knocked Chili over with her paw and I giggled so hard.


What are you grateful for?


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