Zoo Diaries: so big! Yet so small…

It’s funny how after watching Godiva and Cinnamon grow over the last year, I’ve gained a huge appreciation for all the things that are special for kittens.

Now don’t get me wrong- cinn and diva have such unique and quirky personalities and they didn’t really come out until six months or so. I do wish Rascal hadn’t stolen so much attention from them- but them again, that’s part of his quirky personality.


Chili Clementine Lil Jim Mango Cress (and some names I’m forgetting…). She has at least doubled in size since Ben brought her home and she’s still pretty damn small.

That doesn’t stop her though. She chases Cinnamon throughout the house and wrestles with her like they’re equal size. She even hisses at Rascal (which is funny because diva and cinn took ages to start hissing at him).

She also plays with toys that are way too big for her. The broom is a favorite. And Rascals rope toy. And Rascal’s light up ball….



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