Restaurant Review: The Beerhive

A couple of years ago, when I was working a long-term temp gig in the Strip District, my boss would routinely invite me to join him and my fellow temps at The Beerhive. I never ended up taking him up on it before I quit that job, but after hearing nothing but good things about it from anyone I talked to, I was quite happy to see it amongst the restaurant participating in the City Dining Cards program. Dana, Cam, and I went there for a late lunch on Saturday, and I’m pleased to report that we were all quite happy with our meals. To wit:


That rapturous expression came after Cam took a bite of his Fried Pickle burger (sharp cheddar, spicy ranch, and…well, duh). He also enjoyed a bourbon porter they had on tap. Dana and I sampled it, and while I’m usually not big on darker beers, this one was pretty great.


Dana had already been to The Beerhive previously and loved the seitan tacos (pico de gallo, seasoned sunflower seed, and hot BBQ). After some hemming and hawing, she decided she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy them again.


As for me, I’ve been on a wings kick lately, and this bar had a lot of appealing sauces. Initially I had been leaning toward the Green Hornet (cilantro, jalapeño, garlic, and lime) but Dana said she’d tried it previously and found it disappointing. Then I noticed the Great Wall, which is a combination of the other two sauces I had been considering (jalapeño-infused buffalo and ginger orange teriyaki). I figured hey, best of both worlds, as they say. And they were, in a word, fan-fucking-tastic. The wings themselves were meaty and tender, and the sauce hit that perfect balance of sweet and spicy that I love.

I wanted to try the Clown Shoes Swagger (an amber/red lager) almost entirely because of the name, but the bartender told me that they were out, and that was exactly why. I settled for the Clown Shoes Clementine, which was quite good – kind of a hoppier Hoegaarden. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.


We also ordered an app of sweet potato fries to share. The fries were good on their own (though Dana thought they could use a little salt), but the maple bacon sauce they were served with was excellent. In my younger days, I probably would have slugged back what was left in the ramekin.

I don’t often make it out to the Strip District these days (and it’s hard to pass up Gaucho, which I will almost certainly review in the future), but I might make it a point to go back to The Beerhive some night. It’s certainly worth the trip, and there’s plenty of stuff on the menu I still want to try.

Rating: 8.5/10


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