The Best Peanut Butter Brownies

I have made a lot of brownies in my lifetime. Nothing quite squashes a chocolate craving like a brownie fresh out of the over. Particularly if they are the consistency of fudge and dark on the chocolate. Of all the brownies I’ve made, I think this recipe might be my favorite.

But not only is this my new favorite recipe – these ones are actually not that bad for you. At All. In addition to packing 5g each of fiber and protein:

1) They’re vegan

2) They use black beans instead of flour

3) They use 1/2 to 1/4 of the sugar that your average brownie uses

4) They don’t taste like any of the above things are true


Do I have your attention now?

The recipe comes from the Minimalist Baker. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this blog lately (and not just because the author is also named Dana).

2014-05-20 20.10.10

The trick to making black bean brownies work is a blender. I don’t know if I’d try this recipe if you don’t have either a blender or food processor (you might end up with big chucks of black beans in your final product– um, yuck).

One of my favorite things about baking is combining a bunch of unlike ingredients to make something unique and delicious. In this case it was particularly fun because it all looked kind of gross to begin with:

2014-05-20 19.21.36 

2014-05-20 19.30.45

The recipe called for dark chocolate chips, but I used carob chips instead. Have you come across this stuff yet? It’s like chocolate, but naturally a little sweeter, has no caffeine, and is safe for dogs. Talk about a win.

I recently stocked up on grain sweetened carob chips from the co-op, so I added some of them.

2014-05-20 19.33.50

This part is my favorite! Drop the pb/ powdered sugar mixture on top of the brownies and swirl until it’s pretty! I also added some more carob chips for good measure.

2014-05-20 19.44.30

2014-05-20 19.46.06

Bake until carob bubbles and batter pulls away from the edges slightly.

2014-05-20 20.33.29

And viola! Warm, fudgy, healthy brownies!


Now if you’ll excuse me I think I may go help myself to another one…

Did I inspire you enough to make some? Let me know if you do! I’d love to hear another person’s take on them 🙂


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