Picture it: Life lately

Last weekend I went to visit my hometown. It was a perfect little vacation. Every time I make the trip I’m reminded that it is something I absolutely need to do more often. There is nothing more grounding than connecting with people you’ve know for over half your life.

However- I was behind on day to day things before I left. And when I came back I threw myself into social obligations whist feeling generally terrible from a lack of sleep among other things. Ooof. Resulting in me feeling way behind on errands, cleaning, and life in general.

Will my pea coat ever make it to the dry cleaner? The world may never know.

All this is to say that lots if stuff has been going on in and around the Abbott house, but not too many posts are being written about it.

But here’s one! I’ll try to catch you up. Look out for more crunchy living, quote, gratitude, vegan pizza, and hooping posts soon!

So….Have I mentioned this yet? I bought a car! And yes, I am madly in love. Sound system + good gas mileage + heated seats makes for a very happy girl.


Mildly obsessed with local/ non factory produced cheese. I created a monster when I wrote that post about why I’m a vegetarian .


It’s been raining. A lot. New car also has better windshield wipers, so that’s cool.


Happy things on rainy days:


Rain = animal cuddles. I tell Kyle at least once a day that I am grateful that out animals our cuddlebugs.


Our little Chili Clemintine is getting bigger! Godiva still hates her. And hates me when I pay any attention to the kitten. I was all upset about Godiva being mean to me last night and five minutes later so comes into the bedroom wanting pets. So maybe there’s been a little improvement.


My first set of hoop supplies came in the mail! And as soon as I opened it I realized I have no idea what I’m doing- but that’s ok because the supply company is awesome! (Any hoopers out there with tips for me??)



A little oasis among city buildings.



And eats! I’ve been a little bored with food in general lately (which is rather bizarre for me). I have been (successfully) experimenting with vegan pizza, though. More to come on that. This was a particularly good batch.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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