Zoo diaries: Our new edition


A week and a half ago roommate Ben texted me this picture. It looked like a stock photo to me- too perfect. Jokingly I told him to bring it home.

He returned right before I went to bed. With the four week old kitten from the picture in his pocket.

Her name is Chili Clementine


She might be more of a cuddlebug than Rascal. She hates to be alone, especially when she can hear someone on the other side of the door. She is the loudest cat I have ever known. Her walk/run is hilarious to watch because her limbs are so spindly. And she is hungry all. The. Time.

(And she’s way more photogenic than our black cats).

Cinnamon and Godiva don’t love her, but that’s expected. On the bright side (I guess?) so much of Godiva’s sassiness has come out this week (and I’ve been very much reminded that she really is my cat).

Rascal loves her. Mostly because she’s fun to sniff, and he’s managed to steal a lot of her leftover wet food.


This brings our pet count up to 7. Are we absolutely insane? Probably. But it sure keeps life interesting.


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