Picture This (4/18/14)

Happy Friday, folks!

It’s been a pretty wonderful week in Pittsburgh (minus the snow on Tuesday- uh what the eff?) & the sunshine has put me in a pretty wonderful mood. Flowers and green buds are popping up everywhere and goddamn do we deserve some nice weather.




It’s salad season! Which in my mind is mid April through September. In the winter not so much- my food has to be warm because I’m cold. Always. But in summertime the crispness and freshness and overall deliciousness (too many -ness’s but you get the point) are just perfect.

I made big batches this brussel sprout salad and a variation of this “reset button” salad.



Warm weather also means the return of sidewalk chalk! Apparently it’s popular in the strip? We really need to break ours out. I need to hopscotch now that I’m allowed (so last year when that doc lied and said my bone was mostly healed? He said I could do most things except run and play hopscotch- not kidding).


This one has been on a cement wall for ages (I kept forgetting to take a pic) and it looks just like a cartoon the lovely Molly used to draw all the time in middle school!


Now if you excuse me I’m off celebrate a successful day of work & this amazing thing called spring! I’ll be celebrating with Friday night baking, possibly probably wine, and a very special tea party at Eva’s tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Picture This (4/18/14)

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