Favorite things… Pretending it’s summer


This past week has rocked.

There were a lot of reasons why but they boil down to two categories: the incredible (and fun!) people in my life, and temperatures over 70 degrees.

I’m grateful for:
– getting to enjoy two+ hours of eating, drinking, and laughing at a unique and delicious restaurant
– first bubble tea of the year
-getting to visiting a quiet parklet to hoop my heart out with Eva
– giving hooping lessons at 2am to strangers
– the perfect everything bagel sandwich (though not for the hangover that required it…)
– dress and flat weather
– Looney Tunes. Particularly the Pittsburgh Orchestra version, and particularly when seeing it with someone who appreciates it as much as me
– barefootedness
– reading on the porch, in my dress and barefeet, with no one where else to be
– Kyle: for cuddles, mad men discussions, and calling me on my bullshit 🙂






2 thoughts on “Favorite things… Pretending it’s summer

  1. what a wonderful, perfect weekend. I had so much fun hooping and going to the parklet to hoop!! it was so warm!!!!! i hope more warm is to come!!!! this was definelty one of the best weekends i have ever had. It was perfect. 🙂 and that is such a cute pic of you and kyle!!! 🙂 i enjoyed our weekend and hooping, and the random strangers at 2 am. haha and i also love that pic of us!!!! best one!!

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