Just checking in

Hey there!

Life’s gotten in the way of the blog a bit this week (and by that I mean I haven’t folded the clothes I washed on Saturday yet). We’ve been a bit busy, but the good kind of busy!

Pirates Game Craziness

So what has been going on here?

– I have a ton of posts on the works about everything from green cleaning to crutches to why I’m a vegetarian almost ready to go.

– Thanks to Facebook, I’m officially terrified to watch the How I Met Your Mother series finale. Though I suppose it can’t be worse than the Dexter series finale.


– Kyle is playing racquetball today for the time in years and is real excited about it. But I don’t think his excitement touches what Rascal’s was last night when Kyle have him his very own racquetball to play with.

– The Divergent movie was phenomenal! One of the best book to movie portrayals I’ve ever seen. I fully plan on rereading the book after I finish…

Call The Midwife. Uh silly me had no idea the mini series on Netflix was based on the book. The book has so much more detail about life in Britain in the early to mid-1900’s. Also it was $2 on the kindle- go buy it!


– I went to a sleepover on Saturday night and we made s’more popcorn, drank tequila, and watched a chick flick. Why did we stop having sleepovers?!

– Tonight will be filled with Thai Quinoa Chili, Once Upon a Time watching with Annie, and maybe blog post writing. I’m not promising Rascal won’t distract me.


-This face has been the only thing getting me up in the morning. When she doesn’t sleep in our bedroom the snooze is just too damn easy to keep hitting

Favorite book to movie rendition… Go!


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