Favorite Things

Oy. What a weird week. It’s cold and then warm and then freaking cold. Scraping snow and ice off my car during the last week of March? So not ok. Heat crapping out on my way to work? No thank you.

I’m simultaneously pissed off that it’s cold and inspired that it won’t be soon.

Anyhow, trying my best to be grateful this week and not let the weather/ work put me in a funk (seriously, where’s my spring break?).

I am most grateful for….

My amazing friends coming to visit me last weekend. We have been friends for half our lives and I love, love, love that some things don’t change.



I am grateful that I have time to doodle- with friends, with music, amongst Star Trek & chess.




And lastly I am grateful for Rascal (even when he’s joyfully eating a shoe). Because he makes it so hard to be upset after a bad day. Because he insists on laying on me/ nestled against me when he’s sleeping.

20140326-101126.jpg(And yes, for the record he plopped himself there).

What’s keeping you out of a funk this week?


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