Favorite things… Brain dump


So… I’m behind on posts for the week. Sorry/not sorry. Everyone is allowed to indulge in feeling lazy once in a while.

I am grateful that I can enjoy that luxury. And for these other things…

*getting more warm days sprinkled among fewer cold days

*day drinking for St. Patties day (the whole time thinking: wow why don’t i do this more?! And then feeling exhausted later and remembering why…)

*that I’m an Excel whiz kid (sorta kinda). At least to the point that I can get work stuff done super quick (thank you college co-op program!)

*for waking up to things like ^. Or like, all my dishes being done/ living with great people

*speaking of great people- THAT TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS FROM THE EAST COAST ARE VISITING ME THIS WEEKEND (I’m not sorry for using all caps- it is THAT exciting)

*grain sweetened carob covered raisins (hi my name’s Dana and I’m a health nut sometimes) (but seriously- they’re better than chocolate)

*that my friend Ryan asked me and Kyle to join his bocce ball team, because it turns out bocce is really fun! #bocceballsohard

*the shapes (I was staring at that man hole cover for a while waiting for the bus wondering who gets paid to design geometric patterns for manhole covers)

*my beat up chucks (yes, my laces glow in the dark)

*tunes (opius-creamy taco- go!)

what are you grateful for?!


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