Good Reads (3/17/2014)

2014-03-15 16.39.32

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Have some links.

Dana’s List

I found an interesting infographic about the rise of veganism.

Kyle and I are obsessed with my veganzied version of these Rosemary & Pepper Biscuits.

Some interesting facts about caffeine and where most of it really comes from.

The power of a gentle smile.

I really enjoyed reading about the habits of highly creative people. “They observe everything” (my life)

2014-03-16 11.59.58

Kyle’s List

I had no idea that BuzzFeed produced any sort of content that wasn’t GIF-laden, 90’s kid nostalgia bait lists like, “34 Herps That Derp”…but then I read this extremely interesting long-form essay about MSG.

Speaking of list-driven pop culture content farms, sad to say that Cracked seems to be past its prime – though maybe I’m just aging out of their target demographic. Like most of his pieces, however, this David Wong joint is a solid read.

Exhibit #3,485,574,612 for always reading up on the details of the actual study, rather than whatever sensationalist/misinterpreted/clickbait headline the media prints.

It’s not much, but at least this is progress in the age-old battle of data versus propaganda.

Bonus video because dogs are awesome.


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