Good Reads: 3/3/14

Happy Monday!

Side note: anyone remember that Dashboard Confessional song, Hey Girl, from back in the day?

One of my favorite lyrics from it was “The world lives for the weekend.” I never really understood the meaning of that phrase until recently. Step #1745 in becoming an adult.

Enjoy the link’s!

2014-03-01 15.49.35

Dana’s List

1. I really enjoyed Mark Bittman’s “Rethinking Our ‘Rights’ to Dangerous Behaviors.” It proposes a unique frame for the processed foods/ obesity debate.

2. Justine Musk continuously inspires me.

3. An interesting article on why moderation is health.

4. This article about the power of hooping & why it’s great for the soul really resonated.

5. As a novice writer (aka engineer trying to write a blog), I loved this.

2014-02-24 20.23.46

Kyle’s List

1. This Amtrak promotion is pretty cool.

2. I’m sympathetic to the overall aim of the organic movement, but some skepticism is merited.

3. I always enjoy reading about people who buck convention when it makes all the sense (and dollars..*rimshot*) in the world to do so.

4. I also enjoy reading opinion pieces that are moderate and reasonable in tone, rather than the usual demagoguery.

5. Finally, ewwwwww.


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