March Foodie Penpals!

Happy Monday!


I participated in Foodie Penpals again this month! It’s hosted by Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean. If this looks like fun (and I promise it is!) you should def pop over and consider participating.

And yet again, I got paired with a pretty awesome lady. Jessica blogs over at Little Apartment Big City.

Now I’m a bit of a challenge to buy for- especially since I’ve been doing my best to eliminate lactose entirely (more on that tomorrow). But Jessica did a wonderful job!


Items included:
– Cinnamon pita chips: these things are like crack! I’ve legit been rationing them.
– Avocado oil potato chips: I haven’t tried these yet, but I don’t know how they couldn’t be awesome
– Granola: This is something I never buy for myself, so I was really excited to get some (also I now have a good excuse to but myself non dairy yogurt!)

– Tomato Marmalade- I’ve never seen anything like this before but I’m really excited to crack it open
– Green Tea Candy- I think we might be kindred spirits because I sent Jessica a whole bag of these exact same candies

– Cookies: These are some of the best healthy cookies I’ve ever had! Perfect balance of oats and dried fruit.
– Ginger Chocolate Bar: I told Jessica about my love for both these things! I’m still working through my chocolate stash but I can’t wait to try this!
– Wasabi Peanuts: I’ve been on quite the wasabi kick recently so these were perfect!

Definitely a great haul! Thanks so much, Jessica!


Quote Sunday: Amongst the Trees

I was going through my “Inspiration” board today trying to find something doodle and rediscovered a bunch of quotes I pinned ages ago.


What are your favorite nature quotes??

Currently …. March


Thinking…. About about how nice it is to not have to bundle up before leaving the house.

Feeling… Sore. From yoga and not just in my thigh because the temperature changed too rapidly!

Excited…. That I have so much girlfriend time planned in the next few weeks.

Dreading… Doing my laundry. Seriously my least favorite chore period.

Reading… Everything I can get my hands on. I am seriously reconnecting with the bookworm of a child I was. I’ve also replaced most if my personal laptop time with kindle time because 1) I sit in front of a computer all day and 2) my laptop is on the fritz and I really don’t want to put any more money into it.

Listening… Still a lot of wyep. And npr. On one hand I’m still in a bit of a rut. On the other- I keep hearing songs and news stories in the car that are so captivating I’ll sit in the car after I’ve gotten somewhere so I can finish listening to them.

Music recommendations welcome! Especially anything good to hoop to!


Watching… Suits! Almost through the second season. And both once upon a time series with my friend and fellow once upon a time addict, Annie.

Drinking… Lavender tea (Calm in a cup), Toasted almost french pressed coffee (mmm Presto George), and sooo much water

Eating… Tacos! Seriously gonna turn into one this week (I think I’ve had tacos for 6 meals this week…. Yeah). And ramping up my veggie consumption because, well, veggies makes me feel good 🙂

Wishing for… A massage! And all the books on my goodreads list.

Loving… Tea dates & scheming with Eva, free (and excellent) yoga podcasts & Yoga To The People’s mantra, using coconut oil instead of hair spray, finally being un-sick of eating hummus (thank you Stamoolis Brothers/ Alyssa for curing me!)



What have you been up to??

Favorite Things

Oy. What a weird week. It’s cold and then warm and then freaking cold. Scraping snow and ice off my car during the last week of March? So not ok. Heat crapping out on my way to work? No thank you.

I’m simultaneously pissed off that it’s cold and inspired that it won’t be soon.

Anyhow, trying my best to be grateful this week and not let the weather/ work put me in a funk (seriously, where’s my spring break?).

I am most grateful for….

My amazing friends coming to visit me last weekend. We have been friends for half our lives and I love, love, love that some things don’t change.



I am grateful that I have time to doodle- with friends, with music, amongst Star Trek & chess.




And lastly I am grateful for Rascal (even when he’s joyfully eating a shoe). Because he makes it so hard to be upset after a bad day. Because he insists on laying on me/ nestled against me when he’s sleeping.

20140326-101126.jpg(And yes, for the record he plopped himself there).

What’s keeping you out of a funk this week?

Zoo Diaries: “Can I Eat It?” Episode One

The last Zoo Diary was such a hit, we decided that Rascal should get to contribute to the blog more often. After all, he is a resident of the Abbott house, and he suffers no shortage of an appetite for adventures…although sometimes his definition of the term can differ from ours pretty wildly. For instance, he’s quite a bit more daring than we are when it comes to what qualifies as food, as you’ll read below in the inaugural installment of “Can I Eat It?”

Professional face.

Professional face.

Item One: Shoes

The humans appear to require these items in order to leave the house. I am still uncertain as to what purpose they serve. I do know that they taste exquisite. However, it seems to upset the humans when I indulge, despite the fact that each of them has several shoes to spare. Verdict: Yes

Item Two: Books

These are often placed out of my reach, but on occasion, one of the cats proves useful and knocks a book onto the floor where I can examine it. The contents are a mystery – illegible, crude diagrams of impractical length. The material they are made of, on the other hand, is a clear, beauteous symphony of flavor, by turns delicate and understated, bold and piquant. Verdict: Yes

Item Three: Cat Poop

I scarcely feel the need to tout the virtues of this rare delicacy. It is nothing short of a miracle. Why else would the humans treat it with such reverence, collecting and harvesting it at every opportunity? How else to explain their anger and disgust when I successfully retrieve a morsel for myself? Verdict: A resounding yes. And what other food so reliably produces that other precious commodity known as…

Item Four: Vomit

Though my research on humans is my primary focus, I must admit to having spent more than a few hours attempting to discern what enables my body to produce this magical substance. I lack the eloquence to describe its majesty with any sort of justice. Verdict: Yes.

Item Five: Dog Food

Passé. Bland. Dull. Uninspired. Provincial. Boring.

…And yet, still worth eating. Verdict: Yes (unless one or more of items one through four are available)

Quote Sunday: Nick Hornby

On the subject of keeping in touch…


photo credit

“Keeping in touch with the things that help us feel alive – music, books, movies, even the theatre, if, mysteriously, you are that way inclined – becomes a battle, and one that many of us lose, as we get older; I don’t think enough of our cultural pundits, people who write about that stuff for a living, fully understand this.” – Nick Hornby

Picture This (3/21/2014)

Molly’s birthday is here!!!!

I’m super excited because I get to spend all weekend with the birthday girl and our good friend Mike. The three of have been been friends since 7th grade. We went to middle school and high school together but not college, and now we all live in different cities. Somehow still not sick of each other after all that = amazing friends.

Happy Birthday Molly!!!!



But before I go off and spend the weekend with these guys, I’ll leave you with some pictures!

Walked down the river last week when it was nice out. I can’t wait for this view when there are leaves on the trees.

2014-03-14 11.56.42

Only in Pittsburgh.

2014-03-14 19.08.47

Concert at Mr. Smalls.The bands were pretty lame, but the people watching was awesome.

2014-03-14 20.13.16

Old school elevator in my friend’s apartment building. It even still has the seat for the operator.

2014-03-15 11.18.15

Moon out on my way to work.

2014-03-18 07.25.22

The brown part makes me think of construction paper.

2014-03-18 12.31.44

Steel Building/ beautiful sky

2014-03-18 16.28.15

Favorite mural in the strip.

2014-03-18 18.07.46

I walk past this every day.

2014-03-18 18.17.49

This made me laugh. Seems legit.

2014-03-18 18.22.41

Beautiful Clouds

2014-03-19 07.20.56

Every time I walk past this I think of Roller-coaster tycoon.

2014-03-19 11.47.29


Have a wonderful weekend!