This week we’re taking a break from the normal programming because I… Didn’t take very many pictures this week. It was a pretty quiet week, which we haven’t had In a while. I enjoyed taking the time to read and watch tv for once instead of going going going. And I’ve always liked these surveys anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

side note: I wrote and posted this yesterday, but it was riddled with typos because I did on my phone (and the wordpress app and I were not getting along) so I’m just sharing it with you all today.

Thinking… About wandering down to Klavon’sย for coffee and chocolate. I mean it is Friday.

Hoping… That the rest of today will go fast! We’re going to t the Carnegie Science Center tonight which we’ve meaning to do for probably a year. Tonight’s theme is weather. (edit- it was too crowded, but still awesome)

Feeling… Excited for the weekend!

Watching…Mad Men reruns. Can’t stop won’t stop.


Reading… The Lunar Chronicles. I tore through the first book, Cinder, this week and cannot wait to start the second. I have a feeling I’ll be giving even more money to Amazon now that I have this Kindle.

Listening… To a whole lot of NPR in the car. It’s my favorite part of driving to work- I really enjoy being aware of what’s happening in the world via radio. I’ve also been listening to a whole lot of WYEP.


Thankful for… Pet cuddles (when am I not?), delicious Cabernet’s on sale, getting paid to volunteer, dystopian ya fiction novels that I CANNOT put down, my smartphone b/c it makes so many things in my life easier

Excited for… my dysfunctional family (best friends from where I grew up- all the greatest groups of friends have names…. Right?) to visit in a month!!!!

Missing…ย The Bread and Bagel House,ย Horsham in the spring, Philly soft pretzels, hippie skirts and dresses, yoga (ie. I need to visit my hometown asap and summer needs to f*king get here)

Wondering… If I’m strong enough to go to a yoga class? I have no benchmark for where my strength was before the injury. I probably should just suck it up and go at this point. (Pittsburgh friends- anyone want to come with me for moral support??)

Wanting… A new, clear, dome, umbrella. And summertime (see a theme here..?)

Eating… Curry! Oranges because citrus feels summery. Scrambled tofu with turmeric & Sriracha (I’m trying so hard to recreate the now defunct quiet storm scrambled tofu- almost there!).

Drinking… So much water. Peppermint tea. And red wine b/c it makes any day better ๐Ÿ™‚

Loving…getting my arts and crafts on! We’re having a little crafting party this weekend & I spend most of my volunteering hours (I volunteered at Gwen’s Girls through my work) making construction paper decorations for a group home.

Proud of… Sticking to oil pulling for almost a week! More on that to come.


What are you currently up to??


4 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Thinking: about taking more pictures

    Hoping: that winter is over soon

    Feeling: like taking a trip somewhere

    Watching: top gear

    Reading: just finished “the power of habit”

    Listening: in a music rut, but loved wrct’s massive music weekend

    Thankful: for Eva making me laugh all the time

    Excited: to ride my new bike when the weather gets better

    Missing: using my tools, haven’t had an excuse to build anything in awhile

    Wondering: not nearly enough, lately

    Wanting: to be outside, I’m going crazy being stuck indoors.

    Eating: not at proper tap house ever again. It was hyped up but it is so terrible. Spak bros has way better pizza!

    Drinking: Too much coffee.

    Loving: having a real couch in my apartment after 5 years without one.

    Proud: of myself for getting back into an exercise routine

    • Thanks for playing!! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like today is a mini vacation from winter- it’s a nice out. Also, have you heard of the blog zen habits?? Idk what the book you read was like, but it sounds like they might be similar ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thinking about warmer days and hooping outside…

    Hoping to find a good job and end the nightmare of unemployment.

    Feeling great and glad it’s the weekend!

    Watching Downton Abbey….can’t get enough of this show, so well done and I am learning a lot more about the 1920s in England.

    Reading So the Wind won’t blow it all Away by Richard Brautigan. My favorite writer of all time, a true literary genius. His books are running out for me to read and that makes me sad!

    Listening to Rick Ross’s new album, lots of other rap and Korn.

    Thankful for having the most wonderful man in the world as a boyfriend (Ryan) and having the best group of friends!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Excited for…summer and finding a job. And my family coming up for spring break time!

    Missing…biking, yoga and hammocks in the summer and camping!

    Wondering if..I should get my hair cut in an angled bob this week! I finally decided on a haircut!

    Wanting…a new tattoo or piercing, I am ready to switch it up a little!

    Eating lots of Mexican food I made for Ryan and Spicy Asian tofu sriracha peanut butter quinoa!!

    Drinking…coffee, tea, more coffee and whiskey sours!

    Loving carnegie science center 21 and over night and spending time with friends!

    Proud of sticking to exercise routine pretty well over the past week!!! Being in shape here i come!

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