Good Reads: 2/18/14

Hey friends, it’s time for another good reads post. Enjoy!

Dana’s List

Calling all feminists! I loved this reaction piece on xojane to the backwards WSJ opinion piece on “husband hunting.” I especially loved that the author quoted one of my college professors, Dr. Christine Whelan (Pitt students- definitely take her sociology of gender class).

Always on the lookout for more Harry Potter details form J.K.

I really appreciated the apparel designed for us kids who love to stay in.

Cry worthy articles (all good cries! promise):

The power of a single person/ having a friend.

Check out what this amazing Pittsburgh doctor does for the homeless.

Required reading for all dog lovers: Here are 20 essential facts dog lovers must always remember. The last one made me cry so much.

Kyle’s List

This article nicely sums up how I feel about House of Cards. The Doritos analogy is quite apt.

This doesn’t bode well for me, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

If you’ve ever wanted to read 1,500+ words on SpongeBob SquarePants – and who hasn’t? – this is worth your time.

Not really a read, but I liked this enough that I’m going to share with you anyway. So there.


Happy Reading!

So tell us, have you read anything good recently?


3 thoughts on “Good Reads: 2/18/14

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