These are a few of my favorite things… TACOS & BALANCE

So many things this week. I was looking at the average temperatures for the rest of February and March and it got me all excited for how warm (comparatively) it’s supposed to be soon. This is probably false hope, but it’s making the cold mornings a whole lot easier (also- I feel like a BAMF now that I don’t truly dread going outside in the morning unless it’s less than 10 degrees).

Mad men. Kyle and I watched a few episodes on Sunday night for the first time in a while. Pretty sure we’ve both seen every episode 2+ times and still can’t get enough.

Sitting in on meetings at work and understanding 90% of what’s going on (in the banking world this is huge).

Getting a bottle of wine as a party favor (particularly after talking oneself out of buying a bottle because there is unfinished whiskey and brandy at home).

2014-02-10 18.42.51

Fresh tortillas from Reyna, the Mexican grocer in the strip. I am happy to eat them plain out of the fridge. Or with refried black beans, goat cheese, spinach, and corn. Whichever 🙂

Stratego aka the best of the board games. My dad and I played it when I was a kid but it hadn’t crossed my mind again until recently. My friend Mark played with me on Sunday & I really think we need to play more often.

Kitten shenanigans.

2014-02-12 20.05.25

Finding direction when I need it most. I made this vision candle at East End Eden this week.

Balance in the form of veggie soup, cauliflower tacos, cookie cake, and lots and lots of steps.

The amazing box I got in the mail from my Hooper Valentine! It was such as amazing surprise & continued to prove my theory that spin artists (hooping, poi, colorguard) are kindred spirits.

That WYEP’s winter member drive is over (I know, I know- necessary evil but good God has it been making my daily commute annoying).

So tell us, What are you grateful for this week?!


2 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things… TACOS & BALANCE

  1. I am grateful for this snow day because it means I get to work from home in my PJs and cuddle with my pup. I am also grateful for phone conversations that last way too long with my best friend =)

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