Zoo Diaries: Cone Kitties (throwback)

I honestly thought cones were only dogs. It never crossed my mind they were a thing for cats too, let alone kittens. But it turns out they are standard for PetSmart’s kitten spaying procedure.

I thought I’d give the kittens some face time today with a video from the night I brought them home from being spayed. It’s equal parts pathetic, adorable, and hilarious. Enjoy!

(Godiva had the purple one and Cinnamon had the pink, if you were wondering).

Have you ever seen a kitten in a cone before?


2 thoughts on “Zoo Diaries: Cone Kitties (throwback)

  1. Omg yes!!!! Our kittens got them too!!!! Especially the females since they can tear out their stitches!!! Soooo adorable. Hi Godiva! Aunt Eva loves you! And cinna too!

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