Picture This (2/7/14)

For some reason I cannot get it through my head that it is February. Maybe because January felt like it lasted forever? I don’t know. I keep writing the wrong date on things and I tried to pay last months bills this week (that we all already all paid).

Maybe the temperature is just getting to my brain cells. It’s sure as hell getting to my sinuses.

I’ve been taking advantage of working in the strip this past week and walking down there every day. This day I got Kyle baklava (best girlfriend) and sampled Hawaiian flavored popcorn (which tasted like salty fruity pebbles- it was strange but not bad).


My sister, Aly, helped me bake a booze cake for my friend’s birthday party! It was a honey spice beer cake. I was actually kind of concerned because the batter was kind of ehh, but everyone seemed to like it (also- it looked pretty ugly).


Cat in a hat! Does he look familiar? He’s our cats’ brother.


Cam in a hat!


I enjoy stealing Kyle’s hat.


I spent all day Saturday with Eva! In between hooping videos we took walks through Shadyside (it was 50 degrees, walks were absolutely required). There are some beautiful house there.



I had a date with Alyssa Saturday night so Eva did my makeup 🙂


On my way to meet Alyssa at Tonic


We saw an absolutely brilliant Brazilian dance performance the beautiful Byham Theatre.. When it ended I was in disbelief that I had been sitting there for 90 minutes.


Discovered this beer at Dee’s. Most of it went into the cake, but the little that I had was really good! It was darker than I expected.


The sky has been gorgeous this week. Pittsburgh is a city built into mountains- which means you find unexpected glimpses of beautiful sky everywhere.



I love this city. Happy weekend!


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