February Goals

I’m always on the fence with how I feel about New Years Resolutions. They’ve always seemed a bit hokey and abstract and intimidating. Monthly goals on the other hand are much easier to work with. Also- promising to do something for a month makes a lot easier to build up momentum for long term goals.

Kyle and I are both making goals for this month. And to share the practice and keep ourselves accountable, we’re posting them out in the big bad internet. Here goes.


1. Get my butt to the gym 2x/ week and continue working on push-up’s

I’ve been making it the gym once a week and walking outside a lot, but since I’m still not quite up to running gym equipment is required to really get my blood pumping.

As for the push-up’s – well this is embarrassing but I’ve never been able to do them! I know I just bitched about New Year’s resolutions so let’s say my “long term goal” to be able to do them the of 2014.

2. Eat more fruit and unprocessed sweets
I have always had a huuuuge sweet tooth- but I’m not about berating myself for it. Instead of focusing on cutting sweets, I just want to eat more real desserts (like frozen blueberries & homemade reece’s cups)

3. Try oil pulling & apple cider vinegar toner
This goes along with the “use fewer chemicals” mantra I’ve been applying lately. I will report back on how well these both work.


1. Track my spending and eating habits.

I’ve always been pretty good about managing my finances, but I’ve never actually kept a log of how much I spend every day. I’m curious to see whether I can improve in any specific area. It’s kind of the same story with food; I want to make sure that my intake estimates are accurate, and that I’m not overindulging often.

2. Learn to play at least one song from start to finish on the keyboard.

I’ve been making an effort to spend a lot more time playing keyboard lately, and I’m happy to report that I do feel like I’m progressing in terms of skill level. However, I do have a tendency to fall back on my repertoire of already-learned pieces or just start goofing off when I run into trouble with a new song.

3. Write at least one complete short story.

This is something I haven’t done in a really long time. One of the upsides to having suffered through a depressive episode is that I’m much more appreciative of when an idea excites me. So I’m less likely to let them fall by the wayside – in theory, anyway.


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