Picture This (1/31/14)

For the second week in a row, I have no idea where this week went!

Somehow I also convinced myself when I wrote the “my favorite things” post that it was supposed to go up on Thursday. Then on Thursday I made dinner for the house and a booze cake with my sister (aka: it didn’t even occur to me to turn my computer on!).

Today, I’m trying something new! Wait for it…. I’m writing a post via iPhone. Hopefully this won’t come out with wonky formatting and autocorrect errors. But it’s better than no post, yeah? Yeah!

Despite my absentmindedness, I still took a couple pictures this week 🙂

Snapchat obsessed. I literally snapchat with 4 people, but I think it’s one of the most fun ways to keep in touch. Especially since 3 of those 4 live ~300 miles away (Mike, Robert, Candice I mean you!)


Goofballs. The five year olds we were hanging out with rubbed off on us a little.


Hung out with another kitten last weekend. Meet Oliver.


Olaf cupcake cake! Seriously, go see Frozen now!


Mugs I ordered from etsy for my far away friends. One was broken 😦


I saw my parents briefly on Sunday, which was a real treat! My mom had a valentine’s day box for me with lots of goodies!


The cake I made last night was a honey spice beer cake. I stumbled across these gems at the six pack shop while looking for honey beer (which I didn’t find- anyone know if it’s a real thing?)


My best friend of 11 years sent me this last week and it made my day!


Has your week been this crazy??

I blame winter. Always.


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