These are a few of my favorite things… Metallic Markers & Ginger Soda

My counselor was the first to introduce me to the whole gratitude idea but since then it seems to be everywhere. And, unlike a lot of the health trends that seem to be everywhere, this one makes me smile because I know it works. does a pretty great job of describing just why it works in their article “There’s a selfish reason you should be more grateful.”

There’s more than one Ted Talk on it. I posted this talk by David Steindl-Rast on FB last week about the science of it. If you didn’t check it out then, you totally should now.

My favorite things this week:

2014-01-14 21.05.21
Adult coloring books and $5 metallic markers from Target.
Frozen cookie dough bites (specifically the kitchen sink version of this chocolate chip cookie dough recipe).
Lazy Sundays & roommates to share them with.
Whiskey and Kahlua shots.
All Things Considered/ the ability to learn about the world as I sit in traffic.
That my gym was less crowded in January than the Pitt gym was in March.
Unfiltered ginger soda (I am a ginger addict, don’t worry about it).
2014-01-14 11.41.44
The feeling of a clean house & the discovery of homemade cleaning solutions that allow to me clean without 1) holding my breath (Soft Scrub anyone?)
Weather warm enough for long walks with puppy. And that Rascal responds to both his name and puppy.
Clearance toys at Petsmart & watching the Rascal’s complete joy as he devoured his first rawhide
2014-01-14 20.18.51

What are you grateful for this week?!


6 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things… Metallic Markers & Ginger Soda

  1. You encourage me to make a list of my own.
    1. Blue Moons (It’s Wednesday)
    2. Christmas lights with battery packs (camp specific)
    3. Morning people
    4. Allegheny CleanWays (for beautifying Pittsburgh)
    5. You and your puppy’s reaction to loud noises from the other day

    • Aw Alyssa, you’re the best. I approve of everything on that list! Also: that toy you got Rascal the second day we had him? Not only has it survived (unlike most of his toys…) it’s still one of his favorites 🙂

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