Good Reads 1/6/14

Let’s be honest here: We all spend a whole lot of time on the internet. And while I’ll be the first to admit most of that time is wasted on Facebook and baby animal pictures, occasionally I come across articles that are awesome or inspiring or just plain hilarious. Not to mention, it is cold as hell outside, so you might as well stayed glued to your computer for a while.

2014-01-03 16.39.02

Here are some gems that Kyle and I have read over the past month or so:

Kyle’s List

The first essay I can recall seeing that explains why everyone I know (except my father) loves A Christmas Story.

An interesting look at the effects that technological advances have had on the way we consume media: The Year TV Got Small.

I found the final section to be particularly insightful.

Because, Sam Harris.

Dana’s List

This Ask Polly article really hits the nail on the head for general life advice. Mediocrity is a very real fear. Also, many Walter White references.

Brilliant idea of the week: The Rapid Packing Container. Brought to you by my other half (thank you, Molly). The simplest ideas are the ones that change the world.

I absolutely love this article about the intersection of creativity, authenticity, and feminism.

As usual, BuzzFeed knows where it’s at. We all need more reasons to drink more wine.

Be prepared to drool….

Soup is one of the only redeeming qualities of winter. Sweet Potatoes and grilled cheese are my favorites all the time. This soup combines all these lovely things!

I love the idea of savory cookies. Also, there’s something magical about cookies that are made with a cookie press.

I absolutely need chocolate red wine toffee marshmallows in my life.


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