Restaurant Review: Chick’n Bubbly

My buddy Katz and I started playing a weekly racquetball game after work a few months back. After one of our first games, he invited me to join him for dinner at Oishii Bento, a Korean restaurant on campus which I’d never been to before. At his recommendation, I got the Galbi Bento (beef short ribs). While they were quite good, at $13 with tax I wasn’t thrilled with the value of the relatively small portion.

Still, I’ve been looking forward to the debut of their sister restaurant, a Korean fried chicken joint called Chick’n Bubbly, which just opened right next door. When I heard they were rolling out a soft opening, I suggested to Katz that we go there for dinner after our game this week. We ended up not playing (Pitt is really, really bad about advertising when the gyms are closed) but we stuck to the plan anyway.


During the soft opening – the grand opening won’t happen until the first day of fall semester, which is a smart move on their part – they’re only serving wings and bubble tea. The drumsticks, sides, and other drinks on theĀ full menu aren’t yet available. That was fine with us, since we planned to split a medium (20 piece) order of wings. At around $20 with tax, it’s not the best value, but it’s not bad. The two sauce options offered, soy garlic and sweet and spicy, both sounded good to us, and we ultimately opted for the former.

The space is a converted nail salon, so there’s not much room for seating – only a couple of small tables. The digital menu boards are bright, colorful, and easy to read, and it’s an open kitchen, which is always nice to see. Fortunately, there wasn’t a crowd. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate to quick service, as we had about a 15 minute wait. Not being in any particular hurry, this didn’t bother me too much, and in the second week of a soft opening, I don’t hold it against them. It’s something they’ll need to improve upon before the full opening, of course, but that’s ostensibly what this trial run is for.

When the food did arrive, Katz and I eagerly dug in. The wings themselves were quality – large, meaty, and moist – and the tempura batter was quite pleasant. The sauce, however, needed some work. While the menu does say that you can request added heat, we both expected the sauce to have more of a kick than it did. There were hints of garlic, but the flavor profile was overwhelmingly sweet. Ultimately, I took some of my wings home and added sriracha to them, which definitely balanced things out and made the wings tastier. I would suggest that bottles of sriracha be made available so that guests can adjust the sauces to their desired level of spice. One other minor gripe – during the bus ride home, the bottom of my box sprung a relatively large leak. The boxes themselves are attractive, but structural integrity may be an issue. I should probably have asked for a bag.

On the whole, while there are some kinks to be worked out, the experience was a positive one, and seeing as how I’ll be getting dinner on campus before my two night classes every week, I definitely plan to return in the near future to try the other sauce. I’ll make sure to ask them to kick it up a notch, just to be safe.

Rating: 7/10

Oh, hey there!

Did you miss us?


We haven’t posted in quite a while, I know. It wasn’t a planned break, but obviously a needed one.

There’s been a lot of hooping. And this new thing called fire poi.


Animal cuddles. Balanced out with gum eating incidents and litter box fiascos (hello being a grown up!).



Much time has been spent on the porch. Outside of our house >>> inside of our house


Cooking cooking cooking. I am overwhelmed by produce and I’m adoring it.


And adventuring of course:



All this being said, time and motivation to blog has been scarce. We’ll continue to pop in when we can, but for now we are soaking up every second of summer. And we hope you are too.




It’s downright dreary in the ‘burgh today. The project I’m doing at work is driving me a bit bonkers. Honesty I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week. It happens. My back aches and I’m real sick of my leg warning me every time we’re gonna get a storm.


Happy Things:

Birthday Scheming I’ve been going back and forth about what to do this year for a while. I think I have finally settled on taking a hoop workshop the day before, taking the day off from work, and getting a massage. I’m going to be so blessed out.

Running Water If we’re friends on Facebook you know a water main on our street broke yesterday. All of a sudden I realized how much having running water rocks!

The Graceling Series This was the most recent YA series to totally suck me in. These books really had the effect of making me feel like I knew the characters personally.

Kyle For many reasons, but most recently for getting me razors at 10pm because I forgot and it’s been too hot for pants/ I refuse to wear them in the summer.

The Unity of the Hula Hoopers fb Group Eva introduced me to this group and I cannot thank her enough. So much hoop inspiration.


CSA veggies I really can’t even describe the difference in taste. And I’m not convinced I’m paying much more. I didn’t think it was possible to consume so many veggies and I love it.

Chocolate I mean, I am a self identified chocoholic, but lately it’s been making everything better. From crappy moods to my morning oatmeal.

Having a CD player again (albeit in my car) If I’m listening to music, it’s mostly likely Pandora or WYEP. Which are both awesome! But there’s something about listening to a cd start to finish. I may need to buy an old boom box.

My goofy, sassy, crazy cat She’s been really into laying in the middle of the floor (or in rascal’s crate) on her back lately. Also this morning she knocked Chili over with her paw and I giggled so hard.


What are you grateful for?

Picture it: let’s catch up, shall we?

The whirlwind that is our lives right now never seems to slow down! But I am not complaining. Let’s play catch up!

Life lesson: no matter how busy you think you are, never stop pausing to appreciate the sky.


Finally got on that garden thing this month! I’m so proud of me. My basil is wilting but I haven’t killed anything yet.


And I managed to grow a few things from seed! The sage and thyme are thriving.


Chili was giving me moral support.


I got my hairs cut. And officially haven’t shampooed my hair in 3 months. Post on that someday…


We made hoops! I managed to not epoxy myself in the process which was a major victory. Also, Kyle is finally getting into poi! Kinda.



My farmshare started two weeks ago! I’m trying to document that for fun. I am absolutely loving it so far (even if I’m a little overwhelmed by how many greens are in my fridge right now).


Pickled watermelon radishes = major win.


I challenged myself to hoop everyday this month for 30+ minutes. So far it’s going beautifully. It’s probably contributing to the lack of content on the blog, but I can’t seem to stop :)


And last but not least. Still walking like a crazy person. I found lots of fun graffiti in an ally in the strip yesterday.





Have a wonderful weekend!

And don’t forget to look up!


Zoo Diaries: so big! Yet so small…

It’s funny how after watching Godiva and Cinnamon grow over the last year, I’ve gained a huge appreciation for all the things that are special for kittens.

Now don’t get me wrong- cinn and diva have such unique and quirky personalities and they didn’t really come out until six months or so. I do wish Rascal hadn’t stolen so much attention from them- but them again, that’s part of his quirky personality.


Chili Clementine Lil Jim Mango Cress (and some names I’m forgetting…). She has at least doubled in size since Ben brought her home and she’s still pretty damn small.

That doesn’t stop her though. She chases Cinnamon throughout the house and wrestles with her like they’re equal size. She even hisses at Rascal (which is funny because diva and cinn took ages to start hissing at him).

She also plays with toys that are way too big for her. The broom is a favorite. And Rascals rope toy. And Rascal’s light up ball….


Summer Loves

2014-06-05 16.17.30

I need a new name for these gratitude lists. Suggestions are more than welcome. Mercury is in retrograde and any elegance with words I’ve ever had is escaping me.

Anywho. This needs to be a more regular thing. And I need to stop just saying that.

I grateful for every single moment of the summer. My and Kyle’s dream to move south is grounded in the fact that we are both significantly happier in the summer. And Rascal may love the snow, but I think he prefers spending hours outside in the yard a little more ;)

Summer Gratitude

- Fresh, post rain smells

- Listening to music escaping from houses while walking the neighborhood

2014-06-08 14.25.43

- Hooping outside (duh)

- Eating in restaurants that open to the outside

- Fireworks!

2014-05-25 22.53.39

- Sundresses and flip flops

- Free outdoor concerts

- Cold treats: Smoothies/Popsicles/ Soy ice cream/ Iced Coffee

2014-05-29 12.44.51

- Driving anywhere and everywhere with the windows down

- Bundling up = a light sweatshirt

- Drinking beer on the porch

- Camping


And with that we’re off to enjoy the weather in Ohio for a camping trip.

Have a lovely weekend!

This is our jam


Hey friends!

Lately I’ve been up to my eyes in hooping videos. It’s made me realize how much I could benefit from making my own hooping videos regularly.

Also- it would be pretty cool to get a visual on how my flow progresses.

Also- one if the ideas we originally threw around for this blog was sharing what we were listening to. I tend to listen to a lot of the same music over and over again (I blame all internet music sources being blocked where I work – meh), but Kyle is always stumbling on new music.

So here’s how it’s gonna work: Kyle’s going to pick a song, and I’m going to make a video of me hooping to it. Sound good?

Week 1: This song actually came off of Cam’s most rest fest mix. It’s Banana Cannon by Robotic Pirate Monkey.

I’m doing this on my phone, so I’m only going to be able to link you to the video (sorry! Better than no post at all, yes?). CLICK HERE PLEASE

P.S. Feedback is more them welcome! What tricks should I incorporate more/ less/ improve on??